Game Development

Games are a powerful medium for connecting customers with exciting new technology, with innovative brands, and with each other. At United Power, we are building a world-class team for AAA game development. We believe that games can have value that is more than just entertainment, that they can also bring real social and financial value to the lives of gamers. By harnessing the power of our cutting-edge fintech, game publishers can reward their players for excelling at the games they love. Financial reward through games is a concept that can be realized for the mainstream audience of casual gamers – and we are creating the technology to make it happen! Great ideas need great developers to bring them to life. If you have a passion for games, love to work with the latest technologies, and want to flex your creative muscles, please check out the open positions on our Careers Page.


Our Latest Project


GRC Megopoly is an MMO board game that works like monopoly, but with some twists. You can use points earned to invest in digital real estate that you rent out to other players. You can convert the rent to Bitcoin. When the number of players increases to a certain number, players can rent the digital real estate to real-world merchants who publish advertisements or promotional coupons.

Release Date: Late May 2019


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