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We’re reinventing customer loyalty through the creation of our reward engagement platform for online retailers. Our ambition is to help merchants build stronger bonds with customers, helping them to drive an increase in sales, especially in the competitive online space. Merchants using WooCommerce, a popular open-source e-commerce platform, will be able to offer the benefits of loyalty points to their shoppers that is underpinned by our technology. Our development offers trust and transparency by giving everyone a view of system transactions and preventing a single party from changing the records without consensus. A unique aspect of our system is that it also ensures the loyalty points continue to grow in value with each new participant. Consumers can redeem their points for the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.  In the near future a plugin for Shopify, Magento, and other e-commerce platforms will be available to enable even more merchants to join this innovative network.

Our Technology

United Power is developing an ecosystem, combining social networking, crowdsourcing, and technology to reinvent a commercial reward ecosystem. Our concept is to build a long-lasting, flexible and quality Merchant and Consumer relationship. Our system allows Merchants to form a shared customer base, conduct market analysis and promote at a relatively low cost.

Consumers can engage with the ecosystem via a variety of tasks and are rewarded when the task is complete. In order to make our rewards systems transparent and secure for every user, we integrate three methods into our rewards ecosystem: – We use our technology to make the transaction transparent to all parties. – We run a private key system, by using multi sign and super admin functions to secure the user wallet. -We use smart contacts to guarantee the transparency of business models and making sure that all transactions are fully decentralized without human interaction. 

Finally, according to our price rate formula, our rewards points will only keep increasing!

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